Friday, June 29, 2007


i finally realised today what that often-used knitting abbreviation "knit in st st" actually means. many people will think that it translates as "knit in stocking stitch"; that is to say, knit one row & purl the next. but today, its deeper meaning became clear: "st st" actually stands for "stockinette stupor".
this is something that many knitters will have experienced without knowing the technical term. also little-known is the fact that "stockinette stupor" is in itself an abbreviation, the long translation of which is as follows:

"you will take some yarn & needles, and sit down with a cup of coffee one morning to cast on for your next project, which initially calls for you to knit for some time in st st. after a few rows, a strange feeling will come over you; your mind may begin to wander. suddenly, you will be brought back to yourself by one of the two following things: you have a sharp, shooting pain in your hands, wrists, arms and/or shoulders; or, you have run out of yarn. upon coming back from the stupor you will then realise the following:
- it is now three o'clock in the afternoon
- your coffee has long since gone cold
- you have forgotten to eat any lunch
- at least 10 inches of stockinette sleeve have appeared in front of you
while under the influence of a stockinette stupor, it is possible that you may still continue to do the following things, although you will most likely not be aware that you are doing them:
- breathe
- remember to go to the loo as & when needed
- answer the phone and/or reply to any conversational attempts made by passing people
- serve customers, ring up sales, and take money
a knitter under the influence of a stockinette stupor cannot & should not be held responsible for their actions while in this state."

seriously - i have no idea how this happened.



Kathleen said...

He, he, LMAO. I love that pattern, I bet it will look brilliant.

Flavaknits said...

How come my knitting doesn't end up like that! My st st ends up like the Billy Connolly's aunties knitting, a "thing" with a life of its own!!
LMAO too - thats brilliant news about Claudia's sponsor cycle , $40k, WOW

Soo said...

Hi Tigerlilith - a fellow knitting expat Canadian living in the UK dropped by to say hi. (Your comment on the Yarn Harlot's Canada Day post brought me here.)

Off to check out your yarn supplies... (this internet thing is very very expensive)

Midsummer night's knitter said...

I found that book - it's called 'Eye contact'. REMIND me and I'll bring it when I see you next week (Elaine had asked to see a book and I only remembered when she told ne she had decided to buy it instead........)

donnac368 said...

LOL! I also forget to eat during St St.