Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a sheep, a slip, & some sock yarn

the sheep:


a bag o' fleece presented to me by (blogless) victoria, for free!! (thanks victoria!) it's quite dirty & full of lanolin, and it has been living in my hall cupboard wrapped in two layers of plastic that you can still smell it through. i briefly pondered trying to clean & card it myself, & then almost immediately sent it off to norweft to be processed into rovings for a mere £15 (a bargain, as it saves me oh, about seventeen days of work).
the slip:

a yarn purchase (whoops). an enormous, luxurious, expensive, international yarn purchase. two big skeins of mini maiden (laceweight wool/silk blend) in "bronze" from coloursong yarn. i blame anne - she's asked me to test knit her new bee shawl pattern, and i needed the perfect honey-coloured yarn. i've been doing pretty well, though, on my knit-from-your-stash pledge - since january, i've bought the following yarn: 4 little skeins of cashmere laceweight from hipknits (on sale for £5 each); 9 balls of rowan scottish tweed chunky (for a big winter jumper for the RSA, also on sale for £5 each); and now the mini maiden (10% off, although still costly). not bad for such a knitting addict, eh?
& the sock yarn?

that 70s sock plum pudding
brown eyes bluecandy girl
clockwise from top left: that 70s sock; plum pudding; candy girl; brown eyes blue

the first batch of self-striping sock yarn, now available in the old maiden aunt shop! only one skein of each colourway, so go now, buy some, & help me pay for the mini maiden...
(& don't forget to donate money to claudia & win cool stuff - you still have more than two weeks!)


Victoria said...

A very sensible option! If your dog is anything like mine, it would not have survived the cleaning process in the house anyway!
Am looking forward to seeing the bee shawl, I definitely want to make it when the pattern comes out x

anne said...

oooh, that mini maiden is bee-yoo tiful. no pun intended.

Flavaknits said...

Sock Yarn is "Pure Dead Brilliant!"
Mini maiden gorgeous too.