Sunday, June 03, 2007

progress, of sorts

the yet-another-pair-of-monkey-socks are going well so far:

(left, after a quiet work day on friday, & right, after a very busy saturday!)

astute observers will notice that the sock pictured is not, in fact, being knitted in the yarn that i wound up last post (which was "dragon fire" sock yarn from lavender sheep on etsy). i knitted a few rows of the sock & decided that although i really liked the colours, they just didn't work with the pattern (there was some unfortunate pooling happening). i may swap the yarn for something else on the knitty coffeeshop, or try it again in another pattern (maybe a pair of pomatomi?).
undaunted in my quest to knit yet-another-pair-of-monkey-socks, i wound up another ball, this time from sunshine yarns (another etsy seller) in "watermelon patch" - much better! my only concern is that it's labelled as "handwash", so i may throw a little test swatch in with my next machine load of other knitted socks & see what happens.
& the other excitement of the weekend?


alas, it's not a new finished project, but a two-year-old knit. i made it in silk from hipknits when i first started knitting. in my enthusiasm, i didn't notice until it was too late that the hand-dyed silk is actually two distinctly different shades of the same colour, & because of how i knitted it, the sweater is sharply divided into one shade on the front & back, and the other shade for the sleeves. & although i liked the pattern, there were a lot of things that i didn't like about the finished sweater - the colour variation, for a start, but also the fact that my finishing was appalling. as a result, i wore the sweater a grand total of three times, & it has lived in the back of my closet ever since.
i felt vaguely guilty - it's such a nice yarn! - & have finally decided that i should do something about it. & the result?

skeins of purple silk, drying in the bathroom! unravelling an entire sweater was a bit nerve-wracking, but the right decision, & i'm glad i finally did it. my plan for the reclaimed yarn is a modified version of the origami cardi from the latest interweave knits magazine (about halfway down this page) - modified in the sense that i love the cardi's construction, but a) my gauge will be off; b) i probably don't have quite enough yardage; & c) i don't like the bobbly sleeve pattern thing happening in the original. i'm hoping to start it as soon as the yarn is dry, & this time i'll alternate rows with the different shades so i don't have the sharp colour division that happened the first time (& hopefully my finishing skills have improved as well since then!). i'm guessing it should be a fairly quick knit, so hopefully i'll have a brand-new summer sweater soon!
& in the meantime, there's always more monkey socks to knit.. *

* i blame cara - as soon as i feel i'm able to leave the monkeys & move on the other sock patterns, she goes & knits up just about the cutest socks ever. now i need to knit yet another pair, this time with a picot edge...


Midsummer night's knitter said...

I've had the same thoughts as you about the Origami cardigan - nice shape, naff bobbles.
You knitting this Tuesday at hte tron?

Flavaknits said...

Socks look great, i must get on with some more. You are brave ripping out the sweater, but I think it will look great as the origami cardi, (without bobbles!)