Thursday, June 07, 2007


knitters never cease to amaze & overwhelm me.
in the fundraising push for claudia's MS ride, so many people have donated so far that she's set a new goal of $30,000, since it looks like she'll easily surpass her initial goal of $20,000 - and there's still three weeks to go before donations close.
three days after anne made her pledge to match $1 of her own hard-earned cash for every $10 donated, so many people stepped up that anne has run out of money to match their donations.
& even my little-known blog has had a record number of visitors, with lots of people leaving me a comment or emailing me to let me know they've donated so i can enter them in the draw for the monkey socks. if you don't know what i'm talking about, all the info is here; read it, give $10, and help out while getting the chance to win piles of lovely prizes!!
i was spurred on by all the generosity & spent all of yesterday working on the monkey socks.


i worked on them so much that one sock is almost completely done (i've left the last bit of the toe until i find out the foot size of the winner) & the other sock is ready for its heel flap! after all that i'm overwhelmed by the monkey socks as well, so i'm taking a sock break today & watching old films while starting the origami-knockoff cardi in my reclaimed silk.


after all my sock knitting, these 4.5mm needles feel like tree trunks!
keep donating, and keep overwhelming me...

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WOW! That' amazing and wonderful!