Tuesday, May 29, 2007

hello goodbye

one step forward...

(handspun socks, first sock finished)

...five steps back.

(susan shawl being ripped out)

i love making progress on a project when i knit. i love seeing the knit grow & develop, & i love the satisfaction of creating something amazing with my own hands. but one of the things that i truly love about knitting is ripping something out - not necessarily the act of doing it, but the fact that it's possible.
where else in my life can i do & redo something until it's exactly the way i want it? where else can i try something risky & possibly make a huge mistake, but know that i can go back & fix it if i need to? & where else can i truly have no regrets, when anything that isn't completely "perfect" can be undone?
this is not to say that my finished knits are error-free; i also love the small flaws that i think are part of the beauty of of a handmade object. but i love the fact that if i'm not fully happy with something, i can change it & remake it into something gorgeous. the undone yarn can be washed to get the kinks out, and reknitted into something beautiful...
i love it.

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Flavaknits said...

I love to rip out too! it is so satisfying - the handspun socks look fab!