Thursday, May 31, 2007

halfway there

i've officially reached the halfway point on a couple of projects.
small ones...


(the first re-footable sock, completed)

& bigger ones...

(a quite bad picture of the obstacles shawl)

i know i'm halfway through the refootable socks, because one sock is done - it's an easy calculation. & in another easy calculation, i know i'm halfway through the shawl because i've only got two 50 gram balls of the yarn that i'm using, and the first one just ran out, 13 repeats into the shawl pattern. i was worried that i wouldn't have enough yardage for this project. but the half-shawl roughly pinned out measures just over three feet, so the finished shawl should be just over six feet long, which is a fairly respectable length (although the pattern calls for 29 repeats total, & i'm not quite going to make that).
& since i'm halfway through two of my four current projects, what does that mean?

a new ball of sock yarn, ready to be knitted....


...into more monkeys.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Hi, your re-footable sock looks great - the join along the sole and instep is really tidy. Also love the yarn you've got for your new socks.