Saturday, May 26, 2007

a dilemma

remember this?


if you said no, don't worry about it - neither had i.
dee's post about "wallflower wednesdays" (setting aside one day a week to work on your "wallflower" project, the one that's been hanging about in the wings, unfinished, waiting patiently for your attentions) made me wonder what was lurking about unfinished in my house. most of my knitting projects get worked on fairly regularly - i'll alternate them depending on how much time & attention i have - but this one has been left untouched for ages. i don't quite know why - i was very excited about it when i started it, which is longer ago than i'd care to admit. it's not the yarn (lovely, luscious laceweight cashmere from hipknits), nor is it the pattern (the susan shawl from stahman's shawls & scarves). & i'm actually starting to feel fairly guilty about how long it's been since i've worked on it, especially as i had started knitting it as a way to remember my lovely wee scottish granny.
now, though, i'm faced with a dilemma. it's been so long since i've knitted on it that i've kind of lost interest. i'm only 5 repeats into the body of the shawl, & since i decided to use teeny tiny needles (3mm) that means that i'm only about 6 inches down what needs to be at least a 18 inch back length. & even better, since it's a faroese-style shawl, the rows get longer & longer & looooonger as i progress down the back, which means that each row takes longer & longer & looooonger to knit (from the best of my recollection, i was averaging about 20 minutes per row when i last knitted on it).
so, what should i do? i'm not too far into it that ripping it out would be overly traumatic, although i would feel badly about not following through & finishing it. however, i could then use the yarn to make this gorgeous stole - the colours would work beautifully with this pattern, i think, & since i saw (blogless) victoria's version in person at the shop yesterday, i'm quite taken with making my own.
help - i need your advice!!!


Anonymous said...

I say riiiiipppppppppp it - there's no point soldiering on with something you're not enjoy. And you have a plan for the yarn so it won't be wasted (not that you'd ever waste good yarn, but you know what I mean)

Kate said...

I agree - rip away! You haven't got that far and print o' waves is a knit beautiful. As Scarybez said, the yarn won't be wasted.