Wednesday, April 11, 2007

controlled chaos

what a long time between posts! things are continuing to be quite chaotic here, what with everything.
the weekend was spent staying with friends in glasgow, partially just for a fun easter weekend visit, but also so they could dog-sit for us on sunday night when we went out to see these guys. fantastic!!!


i've had another training day at my lovely new job, which went very well. i managed to get a bit more comfortable with the workings of the shop, and also managed to have enough knitting time to finally finish the secret knitted birthday present for my baby sister, who's working in korea at the moment (& whose birthday was at the beginning of march - oops). i'm really happy with the way they turned out & will definitely post pictures as soon as she gets them, but i don't want to ruin the surprise yet.
& just in time for my mum arriving on friday morning, the spinning/knitting/spare room is finally finished, apart from the skirting boards (which need to be painted, & we're missing the bit that goes along the bottom of the skirting but i can't remember what that's called).


the bathroom still needs to be painted, which is tomorrow's job, along with all the standard house-cleaning that one usually does before their mother comes to visit, so i'll be pretty busy! but now that i've finished the secret knitting, i've freed up the needles that i needed to cast on for my second monkey sock, so i may squeeze in some knitting time as well...

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anne said...

shoe molding!
(at least, that's what we call it in the US)