Saturday, April 28, 2007

second verse, same as the first

with my mum still away & the RSA unfortunately scheduled to work today, i've had another day on my own - which means another day of lazing about in my pajamas, & of course, spinning. i've finished up the rest of the crown mountain superwash merino in "my boyfriend's back", & i'm totally in love with this fibre! the colours are fantastic, and it spins like a dream - lovely to work with in every way. & the finished product?

as i worked my way through the bundle of roving, i saw that the colourway was beginning to shade gradually from darker, deeper colours on the outer layers to lighter, brighter colours on the inner layers, although it stayed within the same colour family. you can see the gradual shift in the picture above, with the skeins hanging to dry, and it's even more evident when the yarn is skeined up.

initially, i was very slightly disappointed with this effect - i was really enjoying the deep colours of the first part of the roving bundle & was a bit miffed that the depth of colour didn't carry through to the centre of the bundle. but the more i look at the finished yarn, the more i like it. after all, if i wanted yarn with perfectly even colouring, i wouldn't be spinning it myself in the first place - i'd just buy it from a shop. for me, the beauty of handpainted & handspun yarn is in its "imperfections" - that's what makes it different from commercially produced yarn.
i'm still deciding if i'm just going to knit it up as is & end up with "fraternal" rather than identical socks, or if i want to try to spread out the colour variation by alternating rows from a lighter skein & a darker skein so that the finished socks are more similar to each other.
either way, i'm looking forward to trying it out - apart from one previous failed attempt (yes, i frogged icarus, i just didn't tell anyone!) i haven't actually knitted anything with my own handspun before, so i'm very excited. & i even managed to clear the decks before i finished the spinning, to make room for another pair of socks-in-progress - the monkey socks are done!

project specs
pattern: monkey from cookie a. via knitty
yarn: koigu kpppm in shade P133B, 2 skeins with only a tiny amount left over
needles: 2.5mm rosewood holz & stein double pointed needles for the leg, and 2.25mm bamboo crystal palace double pointed needles for the foot
modifications: i switched to smaller needles for the heel & foot for a snugger fit & to make the foot sturdier, and did an eye of partridge heel flap with a garter edge instead of a plain heel flap, just 'cause i like it.
next up? the handspun "boyfriend's back" socks, of course, and a new spinning project - a commission to spin up this lovely lorna's laces fibre for a paying customer, no less!

how exciting... have a great weekend everyone!!

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roro said...

Totally exciting! I have GOT to stop reading your blog when I'm working. All I want to do now is knit and fondle yarn . . .