Thursday, April 05, 2007

oh, the excitement!

the week has managed to get away from me once again - i've been overwhelmed since the last post with various things, so here's a roundup of the week so far...
on sunday, the spinning room finally got a real floor, thanks to the amazing efforts of the RSA, who put down a whole new floor on sunday afternoon.


i can't even remember what happened on monday, except that i knitted away on the seamless hybrid sweater, & managed to get to the point of joining the arms to the body.


mainly, i was overcome with nerves & excitement about my first "training day" at the new job on tuesday. turns out i didn't need to be nervous at all - the training took the form of knitting, talking to people about knitting, selling people knitting things, and drooling over pattern books & fondling yarn... er, i mean learning about the shop stock... it was great!! alas, i was too excited about the whole thing to remember to take any pictures of anything.
on wednesday it was the RSA's birthday, & she even managed to have the day off work, so we went out to enjoy the sunshine.


there was also baking of iced ginger cakes (one of the RSA's favourites), and yet more knitting - i'd hoped to have the seamless hybrid finished in time to give it to her as an actual birthday present (unlike most of my knitted gifts, which are always late - for christmas, i gave her a ball of sock yarn which has still to be turned into a pair of socks!) but alas i miscalculated the neck opening, and although i did "finish" the sweater late in the evening, i then had to rip out most of the neck as it was far too small for anyone to get their head through! le sigh... (i didn't take a picture of that either, it was bad enough that i had to rip it all out, & the annoyance didn't really need to be immortalised!).
& today, there will be yet more seamless hybrid knitting, as i try to remedy its neck problems. i'd like to finish it while it's still cool enough to actually need a wooly sweater!!
in other news, more spring-inspired sock yarn has also been added to the old maiden aunt site:

tulips from amsterdam05apr07

superwash bluefaced leicester sock yarn, 380 yards & 100 grams, colourway "tulips from amsterdam". happy spring!!


soCherry said...

I'm so pleased you had a good day on Tuesday! :0)

Happy Birthday to RSA - I have yet to give a finished project on time - the closest I got was my sister's scarf that was still damp from blocking and I hoped the wrapping paper would help with the final dampness ...

Love the new car - see you soon.
Elaine x

Flavaknits said...

Glad you had a good first day at the new job. Love the new sock yarn - colours are fantastic