Wednesday, April 25, 2007

in a spin

things are still busy around here, what with everything. my lovely mum has been over visiting from canada, and while it's been great to see her & spend time doing things with her, it means that i've been spending lots of time doing things other than knitting, spinning, and blogging! the RSA even took a couple of days off work to hang out with us as well, & so i've had lots of company. however, my mum's gone away for a few days to visit other folk while she's over, & the RSA is back at work, so i've had the entire day to myself today.
& believe me, i had great plans as to how i'd use my sudden solitude! it mainly involved a) not getting out of my pajamas at all (apart from the period during which i was walking the pup this morning - i did get dressed for that); b) watching all the tv shows i'd been taping while i've been out & about (most of which are too embarrassing to mention, let alone watch when there are other people in my house, even if it is only my mum!); c) eating sweets; and d) SPINNING.
you see, i'd been fairly canny when i heard my mum was planning a trip over from canada. i said to myself, "self", i said, "wouldn't it be clever to place an online order for something you've been coveting for ages, and have it delivered to canada instead of to the UK? that way, less shipping costs = more money to spend on actual goods!". & when my mum arrived with a suitcase full of what i'd ordered (in hindsight, i did, perhaps, slightly overestimate the free space in her suitcase) & i couldn't start working on it straight away, it tested my willpower a bit. but today, with a full day to do whatever i liked?? well, that's another story...

this is crown mountain farms superwash merino roving, the same roving they use to make their fabulous "sock hop" yarn, in colourway "my boyfriend's back" (left, as roving & a bobbin of spun singles, and right, as a 2-ply yarn). i haven't quite managed a sock weight with this one - the finished 2 ply is 150 grams & 190 yards (so far - i've still got another 150 grams or so of roving!) & so i suspect the finished handspun socks will be thick socks for wearing about the house, but i'm still pleased with the result. the fibre is dyed in gorgeous colours & is wonderfully prepared - i barely had to do any pre-drafting at all, and it spun up easily. & even better, each bundle of fibre is over 8 ounces in weight (230 grams approx) so there's plenty to practice with. not only do i have more than half of this colourway left to spin up, i also have two more bundles waiting in the wings - "brown eyed girl" (left) & "secret agent man" (right).

& just so you know who to blame, this is all anne's fault - i've been browsing the crown mountain website ever since she mentioned it. my mum's suitcase was stuffed to the gills, & now my house is overrun with brightly coloured rovings - anne, i blame you!!


soCherry said...

drool! that's just lovely-looking!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

looks I'm due you some cash - just let me know how much,
PS your mum is A Very Good Woman!

anne said...

that is SO funny becasue the ohter night i spun up the rest of my secret agent man (dk to worsted weight) and i alo have a hank of "my boyfriend's back". oh, it was SSOOOoo nice to be spinning that stuff again!
your mom was wonderful to bring it; i dunno if MY mom would do that for me!