Monday, March 26, 2007

welcome to the asylum

along with the bits & pieces of work still to be done as i finish closing down my business comes something requiring a bit more physical labour than the tax paperwork - re-converting what was previously a spare bedroom, & then my workshop, back into a guest room & spinning/knitting/yarn storage room. the big job will be putting a new floor down (it's just old, wrecked, bare floorboards at the moment) & we're going to hire someone to do that, but before that can happen, the room needs repainted. & although my response is always the same when it comes to this question, the RSA still feels the need to ask me what paint colour i want to choose.
it's always white.
(not that we redecorate all that often, but still, i want white.)
i'm not a huge fan of colour on walls. maybe it's because i'm too changeable in my moods; if i chose a colour one day, i might not like it the next, but if the walls are just plain white i could put up pictures & take them down, bring in flowers & coloured vases & cushions & generally amuse my every whim without any huge painting hassles. maybe it's that i find the rest of the world too bright & jarring, and to have plain white walls means i have a calm home to retreat to. maybe i just like white.
but it's never as simple as that, is it? although i was of the opinion that white is white & that's all there is to it, nobody seems to have told the paint manufacturers. no, i have to choose which colour white i want.
& all i want is white!!!
finally, we managed to find a big tub of paint that was just called "white", & off we went with the painting - the RSA, who is only fractionally taller than me but has much longer arms (& what a pain in the bum that's been, i can tell you, when it came to knitting the first sweater sleeve) did the ceiling, & then i tackled as much of the walls as i could get to today while she was at work (which is about half the room, since the other half is taken up by the stuff in the room, which will be moved over to the painted side tomorrow so i can do the rest of the walls. it's complicated.).


here it is so far, with the skirting boards still to be painted. it's looking very... um... bright. & maybe as though it's intended to be a bit too soothing, if you know what i mean....
yes, i am creating my very own asylum - you can join me if you like. i'll be the one rocking back & forth in the corner, knitting a second, seemlingly endless, sweater sleeve for someone with orangutan arms... (or, for an orangutan, depending on how delusional i become after another day of paint fumes).


kelda said...

White will be lovely in the end lilith!

- I really wish my bf and I had followed your example painted our last room white. We decided on "tuscan terracotta", a nice warming colour we thought. We carefully bought a sample and painted a sample patch with 3 coats. Fine so far. Then - low and behold - we decide to go for it and paint the whole room and now it's ***ing salmon pink!

So this was a very long way round of saying that I think you've definitly made the right choice with white and it will be worth it in the end! :-)) k-x

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Really enjoyed meeting up with you today - but just one thing - how about you let me get a word in next time?? ;0)
Anyway, just thought I would state the obvious - bring some 'variegated' singles with you when you come next week.
Off to stroke my Shaeffer yarn...