Friday, March 02, 2007

a week in pictures

what with one thing & another, i haven't had much luck when it comes to finding time to blog lately. to hold you over until i'm able to write a better post, here's the week in pictures:


monday - mika in concert at the abc in glasgow. fantastic show - he's a great performer & amazing vocalist. we managed to find a little corner up in the top balcony which even had a seat for me (i'm far too old to stand up for a whole concert!).


tuesday - the gossip in concert at the same venue. we got an even better place this time, closer to the stage but still sitting. this is more of a social life than i've had all year so far! they were incredible live - i now have a bit of a crush on beth ditto (not to mention her drummer...).


wednesday - suffering. a stomach bug (no pictures of that, don't worry!) & lots of couch time equals knitting progress - a finished stockinette sock for the RSA (anything more challenging is beyond me today).


thursday - a blue day. the anniversary of my dad's death, & i've been wearing his old sweatshirt & remembering him.


& friday - a new toy, & more knitting progress. gifted to me by the incredibly generous rothane of the knitty coffeeshop, my very own ipod mini!! the bag next to it is a custom padded case made for me by alice from her etsy shop. today i will be mostly uploading songs & learning how to use my new gadget, as well as continuing my stomach bug recovery while knitting the second endpaper mitt.

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Flavaknits said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!
Love the Ipod mini, and especially that case - gorgeous.