Monday, March 12, 2007

some small progress

finally, i've managed to do some work that isn't related to the bathroom. i'm feeling a bit rusty though as i haven't done anything fibre-related for over a week (apart from the most essential stress knitting) & alas, i think the results show how out of practice i am.
first, remember this?


it's the bluefaced leicester & silk blend roving that was dyed, oh, over a month ago! it's been languishing in the spinning storage box waiting to be spun up, & i finally found some time to spend with it today. i've worked on it for most of the afternoon & have spun all 100g of it into fairly fine singles; here's a shot halfway through the process.

sadly, it's not quite what i had pictured; somehow my spinning technique has diluted the colours & made them less vibrant than the dyed roving. i'm trying not to judge it until i've got it plied, but i'm not 100% happy with the result.
& then another dyeing experiment, this time with a couple of skeins of the new superwash bluefaced leicester sock yarn. unlike with the spinning, this time i was actually aiming for a slightly muddy colour, something to reflect the creeping in of spring that's happening at the moment, but i may have made it a bit too muddy! (on the left, the yarn dyeing in the roasting pan, and on the right, the yarn hanging to dry.)

it does still hint to me of muted daffodils & muddy spring grass, but again, i'm not overly impressed with myself. once it's dry & reskeined, i may change my mind, but i'm not holding my breath.
that said, even though the results weren't great, it made me feel so much better just to be doing something! & i suppose some small progress is better than none at all.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Lilith, are you still using only food dyes? I thought about going to Top Tier to get some food dyes, to get a better range of colours, but I don't know, I like the idea of handling something as non-toxic as possible (well, if e-numbers can be called that!)

Anonymous said...

From your photo I like the green yarn - it reminds me of ponds and seaweed - that sounds kind of bad written down but it's meant nicely, honest! Looking forward to seeing it spun up.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

go check out the blue/beige handspun - wow, is all I can say - so well spun.