Sunday, March 25, 2007

a few small things

firstly, the "creme egg" handspun is finished & has been added to the old maiden aunt site. it's a wonderfully soft 70% merino & 30% silk, & at 100 grams & 225 yards, it's a slightly thicker spun version of the first creme egg handspun, and although it's the same colourway it's in slightly deeper shades. delicious!

creme egg 2

secondly, although i'm still officially knitting from my stash, i did receive a yarn "purchase" in the mail recently. i'm not 100% sure if this counts as falling off the wagon, as i "bought" it with a free shop credit from hipknits, which i had earned by winding sock yarn into huge long skeins so they could be dyed as self-striping yarn. it's 100% cashmere laceweight, and is (i believe) from a different supplier than they normally get their cashmere, so it was only being sold in limited quantities on the sale page (& as of today they still have some left in a turquoise colourway, & if you like cashmere - is there anyone who doesn't? - definitely don't pass it up!!).

i'm not sure i can adequately describe exactly how gorgeous this yarn is; suffice it to say that when i unwrapped it from its packaging & touched it, i actually said (out loud, but thankfully nobody was there to hear me)... "oooohhhh, BABY". now, i'm not normally given to being that expressive about yarn, but it's indescribably soft, and the colours are beautiful. there's enough yardage to make a good-sized shawl or wrap from each colour - now i just have to find a pattern that's good enough for such precious yarn! (i'm thinking of the "obstacles shawl" from anne at knitspot for the purple, and possibly ella from knitty for the blue, although i may have to rework ella as the pattern isn't written for laceweight yarn).
& lastly (but definitely not least[ly?]) - i may have accidentally purchased a car yesterday. it all happened so fast, so i was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing... i'm going in to test drive it next saturday (& all being well, also take it home!) so i can still back out if i want, which is the only thing that's preventing a total freak-out. i definitely want a car - i love having the freedom that a car can give me - but since i've only ever purchased one car in my life, and it was a £600 million-year-old banger, the prospect of getting a loan & buying a car that's only 3 years old & is still shiny & new is a bit scary. what if i break it? i haven't driven since august - what if i've forgotten how? eek....


thank goodness i was taken to the pub after the whole car-buying experience - it definitely helped! & despite the dealership name, it's not a honda - it's a little red clio, & is very cute!
how was your weekend?


cathy said...

Love the handspun.
The Hipknits laceweight does not count as purchased yarn, because Hipknits has been holding it in trust for you. All that work you did-they owed you yarn, and you just waited till now to claim it.
Magners is the best cider. It's my favorite drink. Good luck with the car.

tigerlilith said...

ah, excellent reasoning re the yarn "purchase" - i'll have to pass that on to the RSA, who remains skeptical! :) xo