Monday, March 05, 2007

the little things

it's been a house of chaos here over the weekend. when we moved in to our flat over two years ago, we knew there were some things that needed fixing up - most obviously, the bathroom, with its lovely blue bathroom suite & pine panelling as far as the eye could see (nice, eh?).


the RSA's wonderful dad (luckily for us, a plumber) has kindly been redoing our bathroom for us, but what with one problem after another it's been taking much longer than anticipated! removing the old tiles resulted in removal of part of the wall as well (whoops) which resulted in a big plastering job, and then there was some problem with the pipes, which i didn't quite understand but which added another half a day to the task. after three days (so far!) of disruption, it's become obvious that it's the little things that matter:
- finishing the endpaper mitts, which are now blocking - yay! - just in time to wear them to the next knitting meetup tomorrow & show them off to the people who will truly understand...

- starting another pair of monkey socks, this time all for me...


- & having a working bath, sink & toilet all at the same time (& i can't even begin to tell you how exciting that is!)...

yep, it's definitely the little things that make a difference.


juniper said...


And bathrooms where all pieces work are a good thing!


Lora said...

Love, L O V E your endpaper mitts!!! What yarn did you use.