Friday, March 16, 2007

go away gray!

it's been so gray here - spring is coming, but not quickly enough for me!


the gray skies & dreary days have been getting to me - i've always found the winters here particularly hard & this year has been no exception. in an attempt to cheer myself up, i've been continuing the "spring colours" dyeing experiments. the latest?

nothing but blue skies

more superwash bluefaced leicester sock yarn for the old maiden aunt shop, another 100 gram & 380 yard skein, colourway "nothing but blue skies" - some bright, spring-sky blues interspersed with darker blues & even a little purple. & a closeup:

nothing but blue skies - closeup

& i've finally finished spinning & plying the bluefaced leicester & silk blend fibre, which is still a bit disappointingly muted compared to the bright jewel tones of the dyed roving, but pretty nonetheless:

little fish

both skeins have been added to the shop so if you want them, go & get them!!!

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Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi - just made a 'meme' -'What flavour of knitter are you, and why?' - current blog entry gives my flavours and reasons.
Answers on a postcard, well, your bolg, then go tag someone else - but only if you want to ;0)