Wednesday, March 07, 2007


it's continuing to be stressful here, what with everything. the only answer? chocolate.
or, in this case, fleece artist merino sock yarn in "ebony" (which is doing a very good impression of a dark, bittersweet chocolate - yum). now, before i get in trouble for breaking my "knit-from-your-stash" pledge, i would like to officially state that this is a one-off purchase for a birthday present - fingerless gloves for my little sister who is currently in korea, & who has some rather specific yarn & colour requests which just don't match anything i have in my stash! & it doesn't count as buying yarn. so there. i'm just waiting for some hand measurements & then i can start knitting away - i'm excited to try the yarn as i've never knitted with it before, and even winding it into a ball was a delicious experience.
now, i'm off to eat chocolate for dinner - i'm a grownup & i can do what i want.


roro said...

Mmmm - that yarn looks delicious. And I must say that eating chocolate for dinner is one of the best things about being a grownup.

Anonymous said...

For me one of the best things about being a grown-up is having fried eggs and just eating the yummy yolk - I never liked the white bits but was always forced to eat them as a child.

The yarn looks georgeous.