Friday, February 16, 2007

sock contest winners!

phew - the contest is at an end. as it turned out, not one of you got the answers bang on, although a couple were pretty close. some were waaaay off - you people must think i'm a sock knitting machine!! here are the answers:
1. i've knitted (thus far) 41 individual socks - a couple of these were socks that were fully knitted & then frogged, one is embarrassingly languishing in my WIP basket (& has been there for about six months), a few pairs were gifts, & the rest belong to either myself or the RSA. mhairi at flavaknits guessed closest with 46, so she wins the opal hundertwasser silver spiral. she's knitting her very first sock so hopefully this will help keep her addicted...
2. & personally, i own 20 socks myself - some are gifts from other knitters, one is a fancy lace pair that i accidentally felted but couldn't bring myself to throw away, and the rest are ones i've made for myself. kelda (who appears to be blogless) guessed closest with 21, so she wins the lovely lorna's laces & the brittany dpns!
if both winners email me at the old maiden aunt email address with their mailing address details, i'll sent them their prizes.
thanks everyone for playing!!


Anonymous said...

hehe - you just seem to be such a speedy knitter so I guessed high.

Congrats to Mhairi and Kelda!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Well done, Mhairi ;o)

Flavaknits said...

Being a West Coast of Scotland girl, Ya beauty - I won! The sock addiction is beginning. Thank you Tigerlilith for a very generous prize!
Address on the way.

Anonymous said...

hi..oh, wow, I never expected to win!

I feel a bit guilty about being blogless - but I only just started to knit 6 months ago and I'm still doing pretty basic things...

but now - ooh, socks! my very first pair and I can't wait :-)

Address on its way...kx

kelda said...

oops sorry, that last "anon" was a mistake, I forgot to put "kelda" in the name field - k x