Tuesday, February 06, 2007

heeeeere fishy fishy fishy!! *

look what i got! there's nothing like buying yourself a little present to chase away those january/february/it's too dark to function blues...

it's a fabulous knitting project pouch from piddleloop.com, home of lovely hand-sewn crafty things in very funky fabrics. this pouch is printed with tiny, cute goldfish, so cute that some of them even have their own names (for better closeup shots than i can get with my little camera, go here & click on "more images"). it's the perfect size for a pair of socks (in fact, there's probably enough room to fit two pairs in) & has great little extra features like an inside pocket & elastic loops inside to hold extra needles, pens, scissors or whatever else you like to carry around in your knitting. & even better, there were extra gifts inside the pouch when it arrived, including some sweet hair clips, knitting sheep notecards, & some buttons from the moustache factory (check out this guy). i love the pouch, love the extra presents, and love the fact that they ship internationally (& for a very reasonable cost, too!) - it's definitely helped banish the winter blahs.
(& bryghtrose, in case you've been wondering, that's your socks for the knitty sock swap hiding in there - a little sneak preview for you!)

*for anyone who doesn't get the reference (or anyone who wants to relive their childhood) click here

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roro said...

Oh my goodness - so cute! I am jealous indeed. Why am I spending good money on books when there are such pouches to be had??h