Thursday, February 08, 2007

frozen toes

it's very, very cold here. not as cold as this, or even this, but pretty cold nonetheless. our flat is right on the sea front, so we get a lot of chilly sea breezes, which always manage to work their way into the building. our boiler has been playing up, and occasionally shuts itself (& the heating) off for no apparent reason, the RSA is away for a work thing & so i'm having to cuddle hot water bottles instead of a warm body, and i've got permanently cold feet. my natural cana'jun immunity to inclement weather has slowly dwindled in the years that i've been away, and i'm suffering. the solution?

layering. i knew there was a reason i'd been knitting so many pairs of socks - clearly, one pair at a time is no longer enough. & just to show you how chilly it's getting:


even those of us with naturally luxuriant fur coats are piling on the wooly layers.
i'm off to make more hot chocolate, and possibly put on more socks. but make sure you come back next time for a special sock-related contest to mark my 100th post!!

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