Thursday, January 11, 2007

uniform grey

it's perfectly suited, this uniform grey
there are no bearings to the day
(sarah harmer, "uniform grey")


grey buildings, grey sky, grey sea; the weather is wild here today. the pup & i barely managed a quick sprint around the nearest park before being pushed back inside by driving, ice-cold rain, & the sky is so dark that it might as well be nighttime already (today's project 365 picture was taken in the ten seconds of weak "sunlight" that managed to sneak through the thick clouds). the rain is pelting the windows so fiercely that i can barely see out, and the wind is whipping off the sea & around the buildings with such force that at times i can feel my flat shaking.
in defiance of all this cold grey, i started spinning again, and managed a bobbin full (50 grams or so) of merino, in a hand-dyed colour that reminds me of summer. this is the colour of cherry popsicles; the colour of the jelly shoes i desperately wanted when i was ten; the colour that worked its way into the skin on my hands the summer i worked at a strawberry farm, leaving stains that lasted until the end of august.

my spinning skills are out of shape; i haven't spun since the middle of december, and my back is aching! (also, i need a better spinning chair, but that's another story...) i still have another 50 grams of the roving to spin - i'm aiming for a 2-ply fingering/sock weight, and apart from the occasional blip, i'm getting something fairly close to that so far. now that the spinning is done for the day, though, it's time to batten down the hatches - soup, hot chocolate, and cozy blankets all round, at least until the grey blows over.

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roro said...

Holy hannah, what a gorgeous colour! Now I want yarn AND popsicles . . .

Hope the soup and cocoa were delightful. We had a day like that yesterday - wind and snow and greyness all the day. Wonderful - unless you had to go out.