Thursday, January 04, 2007

too much stuff

i have a lot of stuff. some of it is important stuff; stuff that i use all the time, or stuff waiting for a specific project (most of the latter is yarn-related stuff). but i also have a lot of stuff that never gets used, and some stuff that i don't even want (some of this is also yarn-related stuff!). i'd like to have a less stuff-filled year; in that spirit i'll be doing several things:

  1. making an effort not to buy anything at all for the next three months, with a few notable exceptions. food & necessities are obviously exempt; there are also a couple of items that i've needed for a while (a pair of jeans, some pjs, and a good pair of walking boots) so if i happen to see these things in the january sales then i won't pass them up. but i will not be talked into buying more stuff i don't actually need just because it's on sale!
  2. organising the yarn-related stuff into projects, and actually knitting the things that i've been planning to knit (particularly the larger projects) instead of constantly getting distracted by newer, flashier yarn.
  3. making a huge effort to knit from my stash, to curb the excess yarn-related stuff. i'm re-jigging the rules to suit my needs as suggested, so my rules will be as follows (& to paraphrase pirates of the caribbean, "they're really more like guidelines anyways").
    a. swaps are ok; if i can trade yarn or other knitting ephemera that i won't use for something i will use, that's great. any swaps, however, will aim to decrease the stash rather than increase it (for example, swapping several skeins of a less expensive wool for a nice skein of sock yarn).
    b. fibre is exempt, mainly because i'm trying to start a (tiny) business selling handspun, and my fibre stores aren't vast enough to supply handspun for sale on demand unless i keep restocking. likewise, dyeing supplies are exempt.
    c. sock yarn will also be exempt, but only on a two-skeins-out, one-skein-in basis (that is to say, i have to use up two skeins from my sock yarn stash before i can buy one skein).
    d. i am allowed to receive gifts of yarn.
    e. & i am allowed to fall off the wagon once (but only if i spot something that is just too incredible to pass up, like a big bag o' cashmere for a fiver - wishful thinking, eh? it could happen, you never know...)
    f. i will knit from my stash from 1st january 2007 until the end of june 2007, or until my stash becomes so depleted that i can fit it into one plastic tub, whichever comes first (this may depend on how much knitting time i have & how fast i can knit - i don't want to run out of yarn completely, do i?). as a reference, my yarn stash currently occupies one small & two large plastic tubs, plus two vintage train/vanity cases full of sock yarn - i think six months is a good estimate for how long it will take to get through all that!
and with fortuitous timing, my last yarn purchase of 2006 arrived today (i know it's january already, but technically i ordered it on 30th december 2006, so i didn't break any rules!):

rowanspun dk, in "goblin" and "thor"; eleven skeins of each, for a katrina rib sweater for me (modified to have long sleeves) and a seamless hybrid sweater for the RSA (a la brooklyntweed's gorgeous version). time to start clearing out some of the other stuff!


scarybez said...

Wow, it all sounds very disciplined - I'm impressed! I've failed on the destashing already this year (not that I was even trying) - my finger slipped on the hipknits sale yesterday :)

I love the hybrid sweater too - it's on my to-knit list (although very far down - I don't have the yarn, plus I want lovely turned hems like brooklyntweed did and I'm not sure if I can do that yet).

soCherry said...

Wow - I'm impressed too! And I love the brooklyntweed blog - have added it to my favs.

I have a half-hearted mind to either finish or rip my wips before starting on something new - but thats about the extent of my new knitty resolutions!

Good luck - and keep up with the pics - it's fun to see

Elaine x