Thursday, January 04, 2007

this post has been brought to you by the letter "L"

the Lovely cara has Let me Loose on the Letter "L" for this meme. the way it works is you are given a letter by another blogger who has already done the meme, and you then have to write a post listing ten things/themes/etc in your life that begin with that letter.

Lesley the resident sock appreciator's secret identity! there's no way i could write a post about important things in my life that start with "L" & not include her (not only is she Very Important, but i'm pretty sure i'd get in serious trouble if she wasn't included). we've been together for about six & a half years now (yikes!) which is an impressively long time for me - we're even Legally partnered now. she has made my life immeasurably better - i could go on & on but she reads my blog from time to time & she'd just be embarassed.

Lutherie a Luthier is someone who makes stringed instruments (violins, guitars, mandolins) & Lutherie is the practice of that craft. i trained for two years to make & repair violins, and made a grand total of two violins as well as doing a full restoration on a cello (including revarnishing) plus many many smaller repair jobs, before deciding this year to close down my business. it was a momentous & extremely painful decision to make - i'm not someone who copes well with "failure", and it was difficult not to think of this as failing. although logically i know it's ok to try something & decide it's not for you, it still feels like i'm "giving up".

Lachrymose according to my dictionary, this means "given to weeping". that's something that, alas, is true of me on most days, and especially given the stressful decisions & situations of the past few years. even on good days i can be moved to tears quite easily, given the right circumstances. this is often embarassing. it is, however, a very good word.

Laughter on the other hand, there's also a lot of this. i enjoy silliness; bad puns, terrible jokes, and making up ridiculous songs (all of these things are inherited from my dad). often my jokes are only funny to me, but that's ok.

Lepidoptera that is to say, butterflies. i love them; my next tattoo will be a butterfly. this has been in the planning stages for several years because i can't quite find the right design (i don't want it to be too girly or naff). my absolute favourite is the blue morpho butterfly, which i first saw at the butterfly gardens in niagara falls, ontario. the undersides of its wings are dull brown, but the inside faces of its wings are an amazing shimmering blue. when it's in flight it almost looks as though it's appearing & disappearing, as the blue surfaces glitter in the light & the brown surfaces blend in with the background.

Literature i'm an obsessive reader. i learned to read when i was about four (i think - it's something i don't actually remember so i'm kind of guessing). my family had a fairly strict set of television rules - mainly, that we weren't allowed to watch anything on it - so i read a lot. by the time i was ten i had finished all the books in the children's library & was given special permission to get a card for the adult library. i was reading "a tale of two cities" & "les miserables" (not in the original french, might i add - i was a pretentious litle bookworm, it's true, but i wasn't that bad!). i switched to an english lit degree at university after an unsuccessful first year in social sciences & social work, when i decided that i didn't really like people & didn't want to help them. i wish every day that i could somehow get paid to sit in a dim study lined with books & do nothing but read - i agree with virginia woolf's thought that "heaven is one long read without getting tired".

Library see above; alas, i can't afford the dim study lined with books quite yet so in the meantime i'm a very good patron of the local library.

Lace i've decided this is my "new thing" as far as knitting goes. after completing the casino shawl from anne at knitspot, i'm hooked - not only do i want to knit more, but i'm wearing the shawl nearly nine days out of ten (even if it is only over my old pjs - truly, cashmere lace goes with everything).

Late this is one of those things that i hate in other people, but can't seem to get a handle on myself. i'm almost always late for everything; either that or i'm far too early (this is because i'm trying so hard not to be late that i end up being wherever i'm supposed to be about an hour ahead of time).

according to mine, "a word-book or dictionary". not only did i use one to look up a couple of words for this, but i love them as much as (or even more than) any book. when i was growing up the dinner conversations would often be interrupted by trips out to the front room to look up things in the "big dictionary" (a huge tome inherited from one of the library book sales) - the response from my parents whenever we didn't understand something was simply "look it up". to this day, i love looking things up, i love weird & wonderful words, and i love my lexicon.

whew - that post took ages to plan, and was much more challenging than i thought it would be! (in fact, i've just had to edit it as i somehow ended up with thirteen words instead of ten, so maybe it's not as hard as i thought). if you'd like a letter of your very own to blog about, leave me a comment & i'll send you one...


roro said...

Excellent collection of "L's"! So many new things to learn - the RSA's secret identity, what a "luthier" does, that fancy word for "butterfly" - awesome. Also, love those butterfly gardens - I think K and I went there on one of our first dates! Hot.

anne said...

oooh, i'm SO happy you are wearing casino so often—that really warms my heart!