Monday, January 15, 2007

strawberry jam


we were making jam
strawberry jam
yeah, if you want the best jam
you gotta make your own
(michelle shocked, "strawberry jam")
the first handspun of 2007; 100% merino, 100 grams/240 yards. i was aiming for a sock-ish weight yarn & this is fairly close, only slightly thicker than standard sock yarn & very consistently spun (especially impressive since i hadn't touched the spinning wheel since about the middle of december!).
i love the colour; it reminds me of summer strawberry picking at the pick-your-own farms that my family went to every summer. there are five kids in my family so we always managed to pick a lot of strawberries, and the baskets would sit in the cool basement for a while afterwards. the ones that didn't get eaten straight away would be turned into strawberry jam, which would be stored back in the basement & would last us through the rest of the year, until the next strawberry season.
this yarn will be heading to k1 yarns in glasgow next week some time (assuming that i manage some more spinning before then & have more than one skein to take in!) - katharine still has a few of the old maiden aunt hat kits for sale but has sold out of all the individual skeins (yay!). but if you really really want it i'm sure i could sell it to you before then if you ask nicely...

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The Crafty Otter said...

Just wanted to de-lurk; I popped over from India' blog this morning (following her link to your seamless raglan), and have also had a quick skim through your archives. I thought you might like to know that I've really enjoyed your writing, your knitting and your photography, and you're now the newest member of my blogroll. Oh - and my pup says 'hi' to your pup; if I'm not mistaken, your wee lad is a Border Terrier (or at least has a lot of BT blood in him); my partner's parents have two of them, and they are fab little dogs (if occasionally ...persistent!)