Monday, January 08, 2007


so far, i've spent my morning doing this:

on the left, the endpaper mitts (a free pattern from eunny's blog) and on the right, a spiral rib sock in hipknits cashmere that had been intended for my mum's christmas present (obviously, she didn't get them, as i never made it past the cuff of the first sock, & it's now january. sorry mum!).
one of the things i love about knitting is that it allows me to fully express the nit-picking perfectionist side of my personality that i normally keep to myself. if i'm not 100% happy with something, i can rip it out & start again, as many times as i want to until the finished object is exactly how i want it to be - not something that can be done in any other aspect of my life.
this is not to say that my knitting is error-free; far from it! i'm often happy to leave small mistakes (or "design features", as knitters tend to call them) if the item is overall something i'm happy with. but if i'm not happy, i don't hesitate to rip.
the socks were never going to make it - not only is it far too late for a christmas present, but i wasn't happy with the pattern or the colour of the yarn. also, spiral rib on 2mm needles is REALLY BORING....
& the endpaper mitts were disappointing me. although the pattern & the yarn were both beautiful, i picked entirely the wrong colours for this project - not enough contrast, and a muddy result. i do really want to knit them though, which presented a little bit of a challenge, as i'm sticking to my knit-from-your-stash plan, so i can't buy another colour for better contrast. my solution? the newly-ripped orangey cashmere sock yarn & the chocolate brown 4 ply i used as one of the colours in the first attempt... what do you think?

might work, eh? the colours seem to go together, but with enough contrast to bring out the delicate pattern. this time, though, i'll swatch in pattern before i start - i don't mind ripping things out, but even i have a limit of how many times i'll do it in one day.

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