Wednesday, January 10, 2007


progress on the elizabeth zimmerman "seamless hybrid" sweater for the RSA, in lovely, tweedy rowanspun DK (currently REALLY cheap here, not that i'm trying to make anyone break their new year's yarn diet resolutions... i bought mine december 30th so it doesn't count!). the gray is the sweater's main colour, and the green is the contrasting bottom hem facing a la brooklyntweed - no sewing, no fuss, and only slightly fiddly to do (although that may have had something to do with my terribly done provisional cast on - a technique i still haven't mastered!). the sweater is already such a simple construcion - stockinette, in the round, no seaming - and his version adds a contrasting hem that's put in with the minimum fuss & again, no seaming. it's ingenious! & like all his knits, his version of the zimmerman sweater is gorgeous - if i wasn't already committed (& not in the mental institution sort of way, although there are days where i'm perilously close!) i'd fancy him just for his knitting skills. think of the amazing wardrobe i'd have.... sigh.

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