Tuesday, January 30, 2007

indulgent weekend

after quite a bad week, we decided some indulgenc was in order to cheer ourselves up. the solution? spending saturday celebrating, with an unbirthday party - lots of bad movies, an unbirthday present for each other (little treats with a spending limit of £5) and some unbirthday cakes...


then, i found a great treasure in the local charity shop - i've been wanting something like this for ages, and there was only one thing that i could think of to fill it with...


(this is the size of my stash as of the end of january, in case anyone's keeping track of my "knit from your stash" plan - some swapping, but no purchases so far!)
but the weekend must have been going too well, because the universe decided i needed something irritating to balance out all the fun... on sunday, on the way into my not-so-local stich & bitch group (glasgow, about 40 minutes away by train) the trains broke down at a station 10 minutes away, and i gave up & came back home - a two hour round trip to go 10 minutes down the road & back!! sigh. there was only one solution...


have my own knitting party, but with better drinks. that's the newly-started katrina rib sweater in the background, in rowanspun dk, colourway "goblin". nothing like some mindless 3x3 rib and a few glasses of baileys to make up for an afternoon of long delays.
how was your weekend?


Bad Amy said...

I love the 'unbirthday' concept! I'll have to keep that one on file.

I hear Glasgow is much improved. I went to school there in '92 for a semester.

Kathleen said...

Your stash looks beautiful- packed with very classy gear.