Wednesday, January 24, 2007

goodbye, mortimer

today i had to say a sad goodbye - my old & faithful little car is beyond repair.
when we got him, he was quite old already, and since i have a serious tendency to anthropomorphise the things i own, he was instantly named mortimer pootle (mortimer, from the robert munsch children's book of the same name (he said "cling, clang, rattle bing bang") & pootle, because i could use him to pootle about). the problem with anthropomorphising things is that it makes it even more depressing when they break down, especially when they've had as much effect on my life as my lovely little car.
i know, i know, bad for the environment, etc... but as someone on the autistic spectrum, i tend to have a hard time in busy, crowded, noisy, bright environments, so public transport & i don't always get along. having a car meant that i could go wherever i wanted without having to decide if i could cope with the bus or train.
alas, even cars with wonderful names can't last forever...


...goodbye, mortimer pootle. i'll miss you.


Jo said...

i feel terribly for you saying goodbye to your astra :( i have one identical to it and it really is nearing the end of it's existence! it will make me so sad to say bye bye! mine is called the shushma-mobile as it has been a part of my boyfriends family for many a moon and it finally got passed to me. hurrah for the astra!

sarai. said...

Did you get to say "Mortimer, BE QUIET!!" a lot? I was fond of that story and think of it every time I encounter the name Mortimer.

Your poor car, and poor you. I hope the memories become sweeter with time.

cathy said...

Poor Mortimer. :(

Hopefully you'll be able to get anther car soon. I know I have to replace my car in August, so I have a few months to get ready for that. It would be a lot harder for me if I had to replace it suddenly.

roro said...

So sorry to hear about Mortimer. I know I took it hard when our car, Zoe, ceased to be. But our new vehicle, Chloe, is quite fetching. It gets better, is all I am saying.