Tuesday, January 16, 2007

do i have to go out??

this may not seem exciting to some, but i have a new chair. it's not just an armchair; it's an enormous armchair. it's probably big enough for two people, but am i going to share it? absolutely not...


(observant readers will note that although the chair has only been in the house for five minutes, it has already been commandeered by a cat. territorial disputes will undoubtedly ensue, because this chair is mine.)
this is the first brand new piece of furniture i've ever bought (apart from a couple of small cd shelves from ikea, and i'm pretty sure that doesn't count). everything else in the flat has been gratefully accepted from generous friends; however, my mum recently gave us some money which we're using to fix up the flat a bit (long overdue bathroom repairs & some paint & new carpets, for the most part) so i decided to treat myself. the old chair is small, and has been used so frequently & for so long that it's looking a bit tired. but the new chair - huge, soft, squishy, and so comfortable that i want to live in it. i'm meant to be going to my local stitch & bitch meeting tonight.... but do i really have to go out?

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Karen said...

Oooh, that is one great chair: lots of arm room for knitting and space for resting patterns, notions, etc. I'm surprised you made it along to SnB on Tuesday! I wouldn't have...