Saturday, December 30, 2006


it's that time of year again. every year we make them, and every year, they get forgotten by about the end of february. i'm not someone who generally makes new year's resolutions, for the simple fact that i never, ever follow through on them. & then i feel guilty, so it's much easier to just avoid the issue altogether & not make any. plus, my past resolutions usually had something to do with weight loss & exercise, and i just can't be bothered with that kind of thing any more - i like eating chocolate, so sue me!
this past year i've felt very lost - mentally, emotionally, creatively. i don't know quite how to explain it, and often can't even put my finger on it, but something's not quite right. looking back over the past few years, a lot has happened - i finished university, moved to a foreign country, broke up a serious relationship, found another (& better!) partner, moved house lots of times, changed jobs even more times, lost my lovely dad to lung cancer, was finally diagnosed with aspergers syndrome, trained for/started/& am now in the process of shutting down my own small business... yikes. that's a lot of life changes to fit into the past six years, so maybe it's normal to feel a bit lost; maybe it's just everything catching up with me. whatever the reason for it, it hasn't been fun - i'm feeling drained of all emotional energy & completely mentally lethargic. i'm fed up with this feeling & want things to change.
i think what i need to do to fight this feeling is restart my creativity. i used to do a lot of artistic things - write, play music, draw, paint, & generally make interesting stuff - now, not so much. i'm still creative in the knitting & spinning sense, but a lot of my artistic energy seems to have disappeared. one idea that i'm toying with is something i heard about via crazy aunt purl called project 365, where you commit to taking one photograph every day for a year. it sounds fairly simple but i think the results could be really interesting - finding one picture that will sum up each day, and using the whole project as a record of that year. it would make me look at my surroundings a lot differently, and compel me to start finding inspiring & beautiful things in my everyday life.
it sounds like an good challenge, and one that might help me rediscover my creativity - not just through the photography, but i'd also need a journal of some kind to keep track of what the pictures are & why i took them, so it would start me writing something again as well.
so, pass me a camera & that chocolate over there... this sounds like a resolution i could get behind!

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roro said...

Actually, that sounds like an amazing challenge. Perhaps I'll hop on that train myself! Right after I finish off this delicious eggnog.

Happy New Year!