Friday, December 01, 2006

progress report

for lanns: sock number one is complete!

(don't worry - i did put it on my foot for photographic purposes, but it will be washed & blocked before i send it to you!)
the pattern is elfine from anna bell (free here) and the yarn is mama e's sock yarn in "chocolate" on 2.25mm needles. the yarn is delicious to knit with - really soft & sproingy, and a really pretty colourway, although i did find it very slightly splitty when it came to tightening up the figure eight cast on. the pattern was a surprisingly quick knit, especially for a lace sock - it's written rather than charted (& i normally prefer charts for lace work) but it was clear & very easy to follow. i did make a couple of minor alterations to the pattern: it's written for magic loop, but i used dpns, and i used a slightly different wrap-and-turn method for the short row heel as i found the one in the pattern slightly messy (although perhaps i wasn't doing it right!) & preferred the method i normally use.
it's quite a snug-fitting sock to put on so hopefully it will be ok (although i have an abnormally high instep & the sock is very comfortable once it's on so it'll probably be fine). i'm taking a break & working on some plain stockinette toe-ups for myself this weekend, & will work on the second sock next week!

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Lora said...

It looks beautiful!!! The colorway looks lovely in the lace pattern. I can't believe how quickly you knitted the 1st sock up. Thank you again.