Thursday, December 14, 2006

life is hard; let's go shopping!

this week seems to be a buildup of small annoyances; the kind of things that if they happened one at a time wouldn't be a problem, but when they all happen at once, it's just exhausting. it's been a week of sleep deprivation, sick cats, bad dogs, buses that don't go where they say they do, late trains, rushing about, and rain, rain, rain. the hat kits are off to market again this weekend, along with some new things:

knitting needle bracelets, hopefully to catch the crafty people looking for last-minute xmas gifts for their crafty friends. the hat kits didn't sell at all at the last market so i'm not too hopeful about sales, but i'm still trying to remain vaguely optimistic!
one positive note yesterday was that i was able to pick up some money from a sale of my handspun at K1 Yarns; naturally, i spent it almost immediately. i mean really, could you have resisted this bag, especially if you were in need of cheering up?

it's by red or dead, and is enormous (i'm one of those people who likes to carry waaaay too much stuff with me, so i like a big bag). it's made of a thick, padded cotton jersey material, and is printed with... knitting needles & balls of yarn, with the tangled & trailing yarn ends spelling out "red or dead". seriously - what more could you want?


scarybez said...

Hey Lilith! I just bought one of you hat kits from Elaine's stall and it is beautiful. It's a treat to myself for working so damn hard this week :)

anne said...

ooh, those bracelets are really charming! i love the simplicity and the colors.knitspot