Wednesday, December 20, 2006

it's beginning to look a lot... i won't finish my one & only piece of christmas knitting! luckily the recipient is understanding of the knitting process, & won't be bemused by a half-finished piece of knitted thing (likely still on the needles) turning up in their christmas parcel. even though i've spent the afternoon watching this...

...& plan to spend the rest of the week in similarly brainless pursuits while knitting furiously, it will still never be done in time. luckily my video collection is sizeable enough to provide a lot of knitting accompaniment (& it's all as embarrassing as the above offering, in case you were wondering). a sneaky preview of the lone christmas knitted thing:

(the fuzziness of the shot wasn't deliberate, but will help with the disguise attempt).
the halls have been decked, and i even got an early present:

last year when we put out the christmas decorations, the relatively new rescue pup got a bit over-enthusiastic in his investigations of all the exciting new things, and shredded my christmas stocking that i had had since childhood (needless to say, i was NOT happy about it). this year, the resident sock appreciator found someone to make me a new one... and this one even has my name on it! (you'll note that it's hanging on the wall, just in case the pup decides to try a repeat performance of last year's antics).
i managed to score some more lucia sock yarn from the posh yarn sale, as an extra gift for the RSA - it's winter, after all, and many more cosy socks will be needed!

and we got this great card from my aunt, found in the collection of unused vintage cards & stationery that my granny had collected over the years - we're still trying to figure out if she sent it to us in the knowledge of the humour we would find in it, or if she just thought it was nice!

hope it's gay... hee hee. (yes, my sense of humour isn't particularly developed).
it's getting christmassy over here... and the RSA is so happy...
(seriously, click on the link - you won't regret it. i'm so lucky that i have someone who loves me enough to let me publicly humiliate them like this...)
happy christmas holidays everyone!

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roro said...

Best. Card. Ever!

I'm so jealous of your Stephen Segal knitting marathon. I was going to have one myself today but then my better half decided to work from home. No loud action movie knitting for me. Foiled!!

The dancing elf is KILLING me. Happy holidays to you and the RSA!!