Monday, November 27, 2006

will work for yarn

being on a relatively limited budget, i'm having to become ever-inventive as to how to feed the sock yarn addiction. the answer? hook up with someone who has a big stash, and not enough time to knit it...
lanns, from the knitty board, has an excess of sock yarn, but no time to knit socks. she's sent me two skeins of gorgeous sock yarn - one to knit her a pair of socks, and one for me!!

the picture is slightly fuzzy but you can still see the beginnings of the lace pattern. it's the "elfine" socks from anna bell (a free pattern here) & the yarn is mama e's c*eye*ber fiber sock yarn in "chocolate". the yarn-for-socks swap is a great idea for someone like me - i love knitting socks; i've been meaning to try this pattern for ages; and not only do i get a skein of blue moon socks that rock in "rocktober" as "payment", but i also get to try mama e's yarn, which i've never tried before (& it's lovely!!).
other than that i've had a slow start to the week. i'm planning some more hat kits for the next craft fair, in "manly" colours - apparently some folk at the last fair were asking for hat kits in non-girly colours (so just brown & gray, then?) - but i haven't started spinning them yet. after an entire week of lethargy, maybe i need to ease back in slowly?

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