Friday, November 24, 2006

two more steps of the twelve-step program

finally, i got to use the posh yarn gift voucher that elaine sent me (oh, about six months ago!!). i've been stalking their one-off wednesday sales every week since i got the voucher, and i finally found something to buy - sock yarn, naturally. i can't stop. seriously, it's like an addiction.
(i was going to make a joke there about each new step of the sock addict's twelve-step program requiring a new pair of socks, but i've been reliably informed that my jokes are rarely as funny as i think they are, so i'd better just move on. quickly.)
two skeins of "lucia", posh yarn's cashmere/merino blend sock yarn, in two one-off colouways - "juggle", on the left, and "deep end" on the right.

if you look at the bottom left corner of the picture you can see the reason that the yarn stash is kept in the bedroom, with the bedroom door securely locked. the yarn had literally been in the house for two minutes before being investigated. we suspect our terrier cross may also be part collie - maybe the sheepiness of the yarn calls out to his herding instinct?


anne said...

everyone i know who has a terrier has to protect their yarn!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps s/he thinks it is her role to guard the yarn?