Sunday, November 05, 2006


did you really think i wasn't going to spin it?
fibre: 50% brown cashmere, 50% white silk from scottish fibres; 44g/86 yards
weight: approximately sport weight, at 12wpi
i feel very slightly miffed as the fibre was meant to be sold in 50g bundles, but according to my scales the finished skein only weighs 44 g. since i'm not entirely sure that my scales are 100% accurate, however, i'm trying not to be annoyed about it (especially since in other fibre bundles i've ordered from scottish fibres, i've often received up to 15g more than i paid for!).
as i suspected, i'm not completely satisfied with the finished product. i had been trying for a finer spin, something approaching laceweight, and didn't quite make it. not at all the fault of the fibre, mind you - just a spinner who needs more experience! overall, the yarn is lovely - extremely soft & shimmery. i have no idea what to do with it, though...
and in other news, i finally managed to make a start on my red sweater for the red sweater knitalong. i had initially planned a simple crossover-style raglan cardigan; since i'm an extremely fickle knitter, however, i've scrapped that idea & have started a sweater with a horizontal cabled yoke.

since i'm using 4-ply yarn on 2.75mm needles, i'm only about 4 inches into the cable panel for the yoke, so not a lot of progress has been made so far (despite the abundance of coffee). also, i'm not entirely sure how the construction of a yoked sweater works, but i'm sure i'll figure it out as i go - i mean, it's only knitting, how hard can it be??


Linnea said...

Hehe, you sound like me... lots of coffee and a "not quite sure but I'll figure it out - I hope" approach to knitting :)

Just wanted to say that I love your handspun hat kits. I'm going to talk to The Economist aka DH about getting some soon.

tigerlilith said...

thanks linnea :)
more hats kits are in progress & should be posted on the "old maiden aunt" blog by the end of the week so please check back!! xo