Tuesday, November 21, 2006


after all the excitement of last week, i'm having to rest & recharge, so i have absolutely no exciting news to report. the civil partnership went fine - very low-key & relaxed as we had wanted, followed by lots of cocktails at a very swanky bar. there are no pictures that are worth sharing - we did take a few under immense pressure from various relatives but neither of us are very photogenic, so the likelihood that a photo could be taken in which both of us look good at the same time is very low. the best picture taken was the one in which a vast amount of water fell on my head while we were posed artistically under a tree, and the camera clicked just as i looked up & said"@#%#!!!!". that one was especially flattering, but also probably the most realistic.
i'm not an especially social person, so any periods of intense social activity need to be followed by a few days of peace & quiet. this week, therefore, will involve lots of this:

i might even take a nap myself if i can manage to find a chair.

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roro said...

Congrats on making it through the civil partnership (although with such great socks, who could ever get cold feet? Ha ha - get it? Cold feet? 'Cause you knit a lot of so . . . okay, I can see by your face that you got it.) Hope the recovery is going well.