Tuesday, November 14, 2006

now i know why they call it a "deadline"

i've been spinning & knitting like a madwoman, all last week & this week, and i'm officially so exhausted i might die.
the shawl is nearly done; all that's left is the edging, which (if all goes according to plan) will be done tomorrow, and the shawl will be washed & blocked overnight. this will just squeak under the line of being ready in time, since i'm getting picked up on thursday afternoon (the civil partnership thing is on friday in glasgow, so we're staying in glasgow with friends on thursday night to make things easier - although noone seems to care that this seriously cuts into my shawl knitting time!) .
there is a mountain of handspun in the spare room:

again, if all goes according to plan, the skeins & kits will be labelled tomorrow & posted on the website, then taken in to glasgow for the market this weekend - again, just barely making it, as the market stuff has to get dropped off to elaine on thursday as well.
it's been a manic several days; i'm totally wiped out & yet oddly satisfied. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i'll sell more hat kits & handspun at this market than last time - certainly the few sales from the website & the shop stocking my yarns since the first market have been encouraging, so i'm hopeful. things haven't worked out in the past for me as far as work goes, for various reasons, but i may just have found something that i love to do which will also make me a little bit of money. so despite the fact that i'm completely & utterly knackered...

...lucky me.

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anne said...

good luck lillith! it takes time to establish a business, but it is SO worth it once it gets going!
have a beautiful wonderful day on the 17th!
(i hope i get to see a picture of you in the shawl)