Thursday, November 09, 2006

not a caterpillar

i only have two feet. and yet, while doing laundry today, i was shocked to discover this:

in case it's not readily apparent from the picture, that's 12 pairs of handknit socks. twelve. i'm not sure how this happened; i knew i had a sock knitting problem, but i didn't realise it had reached such proportions. they don't even all fit on the magical sock-drying device anymore:

yes, i know it has another purpose, but to me it's all about the sock-drying. the reason they have to be dried this way can be seen if you look very carefully at the bottom of the first picture. the sock-drying device is located in the bedroom, which is the only room that does not allow entry to the small, furry, sock eating creature who practices his "innocent" look while unsuspecting stray socks disappear into his mouth.
surely i'm not the only one who has such an addiction? other sock-knitting folk must also have the problem of accumulating so many pairs of socks. someone on the knitty board confessed to having about 40 pairs... clearly, i've got some catching up to do. i am, however, about to order more sock yarn... just to get me through the winter, you know. i can stop anytime i want.


anne said...

maybe you could build a little rack-like frame to hang down the front of the sock dryer so it will hold more pairs . . . that's the kind of thing my husband will do for his socks.

soCherry said...

that's a lotta socks

yarner said...

Are they all yours, for your own feet, or do you let others wear them? And if they're all yours, how many have you made for other people?

High tech drying!

tigerlilith said...

only half of them are mine, alas. the resident sock appreciator has possession of the other half - it seemed like a fair deal to me considering the RSA funds most of my - i was going to say yarn purchases, but it's more like everything!! :)
anne, we do actually have a couple of racks like you suggested but the radiator in the bedroom is right near the door so the rack won't fit on it - and it really isn't safe to leave socks drying in places that chewing pups can reach!

Kathleen said...

That's some stash of hand-made socks you have there!