Wednesday, November 01, 2006

lady luck

i was foiled in my attempts to make my "lucky tuesday" post on time for once by my computer. occasionally it decides that it has had enough; yesterday it was convinced that it could not connect to the internet no matter what, but after a good night's sleep it seems to have changed its mind. machines... sigh. they just don't like me.
despite the computer glitch, however, it was still a very good day. for once, i had a burst of energy, and by noon i had not only walked the dog , been to the library to pick up the next installment of "harry potter" on audiobook (essential for lace knitting - i'm now on book 3!) & done 3 loads of laundry, but i'd also dyed 3 batches of roving & plied 2 bobbins of spun singles for more hat kits. that left the rest of the afternoon for this:

it's the "casino shawl" from anne at knitspot, in the (on sale!) laceweight pure cashmere from posh yarn. i've been knitting it furiously for a little while, and it's finally to the stage where it can be photographed, although i've still got about 2 feet left to knit! i don't normally like knitting to a deadline - i did xmas knitting for people last year, and found it so horrendous that i've vowed never to give knitted xmas gifts again, unless the recipient is happy to get them in february. however, myself & the resident sock appreciator are finally getting around to registering for a civil partnership on 17th november, & although neither of us wants to make a big deal about it (the required dress code for the event is... jeans) i did want to have something nice & a bit special for it (the resident sock appreciator will no doubt get a new pair of socks).
i saw this finished shawl on anne's website, and loved it immediately... but days went by, and she hadn't published the pattern for sale yet... and i began to get impatient, so i emailed her. i was polite in my inquiries ("hey you, knitter that i've never spoken to before!! when can i get my hands on that pattern? what do you mean you have a full-time job? write it up now, i need to knit it!!") and anne, being a kind & lovely person, sent me an advance copy of the pattern for free. aren't knitters great??
& since i managed to get so much done in the morning, i got to spend the afternoon with a free pattern, half-price cashmere, and a big mug of hot chocolate, not to mention stephen fry reading books to me...

...lucky me!!


roro said...

Gorgeous shawl! And congrats on your civil partnership! Do you take vows for that? And will "I will provide you with socks for life" be part of those vows?

scarybez said...

I'll second that! Congratulations on both a beautiful shawl and a beautiful civil partnership. Will there be photos of you in your shawl & jeans, or is it too low key for piccies?

Anonymous said...

hey it's jo here (the one who bought the hat kits) i was at the big knit out tonight and was chatting to the person who taught you to spin. what a small knitting world it is! everyone admired my hat!! congrats on the civil partnership.

Anonymous said...

Hi KLilith - if you are with BT Boredband, the whole system went down last night....right in the middle of my assignment. Grr.

Anonymous said...

Hey,Jo, that would be me :0)
PS still think those hat kits are great.

tigerlilith said...

thanks everyone :)
hey jo, i hope you told them all where they could buy their own hat kit!! :)
probably no photos from the "event" - i loathe having my picture taken so i'm trying to avoid it like the plague, but it may still happen. i'll definitely post pics of the finished shawl though!
xo lilith

Anonymous said...

Hi Lilith, I would like 'Rocktober' STR - well, that's a lie, I would like it all but that will have to do.

Cara said...

It looks great! I've already ripped to go down to 6s. I don't think I could go much lower than that. Thanks for the comment - I can't wait to see your Casino finished!