Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hat kits & handspun galore!


all the kits & skeins have been labelled, & have been added to the other site (although blogger was giving me hassle this morning & i thought it would never work!). now i just have to drop them off in glasgow tomorrow afternoon, & sit back & let elaine do all the selling work (hee hee).
& for those who are curious what a finished hat could look like, i've started a gallery of completed hats (well, only a couple of pictures so far, but i'm hoping i'll get more from the people who've bought the kits once they're all knitted up!). one of them is mine, and the other is elaine's (you can read more about hers on her blog).
i still have the shawl edging to knit, so i'd better get on that... shawl-blocking photos soon!

1 comment:

roro said...

Such gorgeous hat kits! I hope you sell out!