Thursday, November 23, 2006

baby, it's cold outside

as a canadian, it almost pains me to say this - it makes me feel a bit of a wimp. there's no snow, or ice, or arctic temperatures... but it's cold here today. and it's not just the temperature - it's the gale-force winds & horizontal driving rain. the pup still demands his big morning walk no matter what, so both of us come back dripping & chilled. apart from that enforced exercise, the lethargy of the week continues, and there's a lot of radiator love going on in this house.

there's still knitting happening in the midst of all this napping - after all, i have a red sweater to finish. now, don't be misled by my use of the word "finished" - by that, i mean that i'm about 6 inches into the cabled band that was intended to be a horizontal cabled yoke for the sweater, and i've changed my mind about the pattern. i'm a big fan of not ripping out knitting, so i'm still using the cabled band, only now it will be a waistband for an empire-waisted sweater along the lines of this (shamelessly ripped off from the anthropologie catalogue. i can't afford their clothes, so i will make my own).

it will be red (of course) and the cabled band will go horizontally around the empire waist, with similar cabled cuffs. i think. it's still a work in progress... i'm not 100% sure how to do the sleeves - i'm not a fan of finishing (seaming, that is) hence the original plan for a yoked sweater (all in the round! no seams! genius!) but this new sweater has set-in sleeves which means seaming. and figuring out how to knit them. would raglan sleeves work with that neckline??

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