Thursday, November 16, 2006

the ace of spades

finally, the shawl is finished. i unpinned it from blocking this morning & was so impressed with it (& myself!) that i swanned about for a bit with it on over my pajamas - it's so gorgeous it even makes ratty old pjs look good.

a full-sized picture just for scale - that's a two-seater sofa it's draped over & the shawl is actually too wide to cover it. because of the laceweight cashmere, it's incredibly soft & warm yet also light & drapey - perfect.

& some detail shots - on the left, the perfect little point. i love it - i love how the spade pattern & the edging slowly diminish into one little spade & a perfectly pointed edge. and on the right, the top corner with the bird's eye edging along the top edge - excruciating, it took me hours, but look how beautiful!!
pattern: the casino shawl from knitspot (a gift from anne, who is lovely!)
yarn: 100% cashmere laceweight (camilla), in a one-off colourway from posh yarn; 148 grams & roughly 1020 yards
needles: 3.75mm circular addi bamboo
started 14th october 2006, completed 15th november 2006
this pattern was a dream to knit - very clearly written, with pattern instructions in both charted & written form. although the cast-on was a bit off-putting (305 stitches!!) and the first few rows seemed interminable, the good thing about working top-down is that the rows get shorter as you go, which makes you feel like you're really making progress & is very encouraging if you get to the stage that i did - three days to deadline & six pattern repeats to go (plus edging!). and the bird's eye edging, although slow going for me, was clearly explained & easy to knit (i could even watch tv while i did it, which made it much more pleasant!). this is the first lace shawl i've ever knit, and i'd recommend the pattern wholeheartedly (& not just because i got it for free!).


roro said...

It looks beautiful - congratulations! Hope you have a most wonderful time in Glasgow - perhaps there will be a photo of you pulling your new shawl through your ring? I tried that with my latest knitting project but, uh . . . well, it didn't go well.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to try out some Posh Yarn wool (once I have "used what I have"). Hope you both have a lovely day tomorrow. Liz x

Kathleen said...

Wow, that looks beautiful, your health to wear it.

anne said...

oh lillith! that is just incredible—that color! oh my.
really beautiful job, well done. you can't imagine how it feels to see my deign finished up so beatifully by someone so far off . . .

i hope you day of the 17th was simply wonderful, amazing, and a true RED LETTER day!