Monday, October 09, 2006

throwing a wobbly

in the ongoing saga of my weird & not-so-wonderful health, i've woken up this morning with a serious case of the wobbles. i seem to be having near-constant vertigo & dizziness today, as well as an odd feeling of my brain being very slightly "disconnected" from my body (very peculiar & not at all pleasant!). i managed to wobble my way around the park this morning & toss the ball about for the pup (luckily we have one of these ball throwing things for him, which makes things easier for me & means he still gets a good run about!) & wobbled my way back home, where i've been wobbling about the flat for the rest of the day. it seems to not be so bad if i stay very still, so of course i needed to cast on some new socks to cheer me up... and what better than my first try of socks that rock sock yarn?

i got this from my knitty secret pal in the last secret pal round-up (it's not available yet in the UK, alas!), as an apology for her package to me being delayed because she'd not put enough postage on it! i felt a bit guilty at the time that she felt she needed to apologise - i was just happy to be getting lovely presents in the post, and wasn't really bothered by the delay. now that i've started knitting with it, though, i'm glad that she felt guilty, or else i would never have got such gorgeous yarn!! it's so nice to knit with & the colours are beautiful (the colourway above is "ruby slippers", wound into a nice centre-pull ball - by my fantastic new ballwinder that i finally managed to win on ebay after bidding on them for about the past six months with no success, so that's cheered me up as well).
i've also managed to card together some more fibres - this time it's merino & angora, dyed using the microwave kool-aid method as described here. the carding took ages & was a bit sneezy as the angora was very fluffy & flyaway, and kept going all over the place. i'll try to spin some up tomorrow and see how it goes.
(hm - blogger won't let me add the pic of the dyed fibres so i'll try & do that tomorrow as i must go lay down now).

off for more rocking socks... and if the socks are a-rocking, don't come knocking... (i'd probably fall down on the way to answer the door, anyways).


scarybez said...

Have you seen 'finding neverland'? At the beginning J.B.Barrie uses a fishing rod with a ball at the end to give his dog some exercise - your ball thrower thingie reminded me a wee bit of that! Sorry to hear you're not feeling too good. Take care of yourself and keep on rocking those socks - I'm sooo jealous of that beautiful yarn.

Anonymous said...

Now, Lilith, as I keep saying to Elaine - You. Did. Not. WIn.It. You parted with hard earned cash for it !!!!!
Hope the wobbles go away asap

Anonymous said...

y'know, I've finally given in - I gotta say it - your white on black thing makes my eyes do bad things....
India xxx