Thursday, October 26, 2006

sock carnage

(the faint-hearted knitter should not read this post - come back tomorrow when i post about happy things.)

despite my extreme luck on tuesday in getting the yarn shop in glasgow to stock my hat kits (and they're even up on her website now, on the front page!!) it nearly wasn't a good day at all.
the first inkling that this might be a Bad Day was when i started getting ready to go out, to get the train into glasgow & the bus to the yarn shop in the west end before going back into the city centre for my SnB meetup.
"i know what will cheer me up on this gray, gloomy, permanently-about-to-rain day", i thought. "my brand-new, just-finished, only-worn-once Socks that Rock 'ruby slippers' socks!".

as i pulled them on i marvelled once again at the soft, squishy yarn in the perfect colours to brighten a dreary day. i loved knitting with this yarn - it's the first time i've tried socks that rock yarn, and it is everything you want a sock yarn to be, both in the knitting & in the wearing.

but wait... what's this???

(insert much cursing & swearing here)
a HOLE. in my brand-new, just-finished, only-worn-once rockin' socks. i don't remember doing it, but i must have snagged them on something when i wore them the very first time.
and then, on the way to the yarn shop, i got off the bus too early, tried to take a shortcut, and ended up wandering about some completely insane maze of back streets clutching a bag of yarn... and then, it finally started to rain. and then my umbrella broke...

and now, this morning, after some fortifying coffee...

good thing i like knitting socks - although i don't normally have to knit the same pair twice. le sigh...


Anonymous said...

Darn it! No really, think of all the effort it will save.

thomasina said...

I had a similar moment, dashing back into my bedroom to get my railcard on the way to London the other week I created a HUGE pull in my River stole. Luckily no breakage but it took about half an hour of careful tugging to get the stitches back to anything like normal. And I sympathise with the reknitting—I too crave sock perfection.