Thursday, October 19, 2006


the yarn is spun, the pattern is written & tested, and the hat kits are ready to go.

top, l to r: the test hat, knitted in merino/silk blend (embellished with beads because i hadn't received the charms yet!); "viva las vegas"; "strawberry beret"; "carmen miranda"; "see you in september"; and "lucky you, lucky me".
bottom, l to r: "let it snow" (my personal favourite - 100% blue-faced leicester & 100% silk for the contrast colour - so soft!!); "california dreaming"; "see you in september"; "strawberry beret"; and three skeins of merino/silk hand-dyed that i'm hoping to sell as single skeins.
now that all the kits are packaged up, i'm taking the day off from spinning, and will be doing terribly exciting things like watching bad films, knitting, and hennaing my hair (i gave myself a trim over the weekend which cut out most of the colour from my previous henna job, and i was alarmed to see about 50 new gray hairs since the last time i did my hair about 2 months ago!).
i'm meeting elaine tomorrow to drop them off, as she's letting me use a corner of her table for my yarn. & the market is on saturday, so fingers crossed - it would be very exciting to sell some kits! everyone who's near glasgow should go buy things please...
& if the kits don't all sell out (which would be fantastic, but perhaps a bit optimistic!) i'm hoping to start selling them on the web, so let me know if you're interested...


Nell said...

They all look GORGEOUS! I bet they'll sell really well. If it doesn't go, I'll definately buy the 'Let it snow' !!! What price did you settle on in the end?

Anonymous said...

lookis really professional

tigerlilith said...

thanks :)
nell, i'm going to try to sell them at the market for £20 each; i figure that will cover the materials cost & also give me a reasonable compensation for the time it took to make them. i've still got some of the bfl & silk left over & some extra snoflake charms as well so even if the kit you like does sell i could probably make you another one - let me know! & if none of them sell, everyone i know who knits might end up getting one for xmas... :)

Brittany said...

Good luck! They look lovely.

dancingnic said...

Hi Tiger L, I bought some of your bluebird of happiness on Saturday and am so delighted with it I keep having to run upstairs and look at it again! I am hoping to knit it into some lovely wrist warmers for a secret Christmas surprise!

I haven't seen any of your yarns before but will certainly be keeping an eye out in the future!

Many thanks and good luck!