Friday, October 27, 2006

my precioussss...

since i've mainly been buying fibre to dye, spin, & sell, i haven't had much of a chance to amass a fibre stash. i've mainly been placing small orders, dyeing them & spinning them up straight away, and packaging them into hat kits or skeins, then ordering more fibre when i've run out of what i've got.
this may all be about to change.
remember my ravings about the black shetland? despite my professions of undying love, i'm a spinner who practices some serious non-monogamy. i loved the black shetland, the silk, and the blue-faced leicester. i loved the merino silk, and even the plain old merino. but today, i found myself the victim of some sheer fibre-y lust which left all my previous loves in the dust.

this is the brown cashmere & silk blend from scottish fibres, which arrived as part of my order this morning. it may look unassuming in its shy brown & white, but the softness of this fibre is unbelievable & indescribable. it's softer than a pile of kittens. it's so soft that i'm scared to touch it in case the tiny bit of dry skin on my hands snags it. & it's so soft that i don't even want to spin it - i just want to hide it away somewhere & take it out & pet it every once in a while, possibly while whispering softly to it (my precioussss...).
i'm actually a little scared to spin it - the yarn that i imagine creating when i look at this fibre will never, i'm sure, be matched by the yarn that i actually spin. i'm imagining a fine, fine 2-ply laceweight; the silk will make it faintly shimmery & the cashmere will give it a soft halo, perfectly suited to a small lace shawl or a scarf. this yarn will most definitely not be for sale - it's mine.

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roro said...

I'm SO JEALOUS. And I don't even spin.