Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a day late

(and a dollar short?)
once again, i've missed "lucky tuesday"... i'm only a day late this time, & happily i'm full of it today (luck, that is).
today i'm lucky because it's rainy & gray, and the fog is rolling in so that when i look out my window, all i can see is the sea. i've been sitting in my comfy chair pretending i'm the only person in the world, drinking excellent coffee, listening to agatha christie audio books & knitting the cashmere susan shawl. i won't bother with a picture just now - progress pics for lace are always a bit disappointing. although it currently looks like an amorphous blob, it is in fact about 10 inches of shawl length. the rows are about 500+ stitches at the moment, so it's taking about 25 minutes per row, and it's only getting wider - this could take a while to finish. with the cashmere handpainted lace and the ebony circular needles, though, just knitting it is pure luxury.
i'm also lucky because i'm going to club noir on the 21st, and i'm very excited - it looks like it's going to be a great night (& since i don't get out much, this is a big deal for me!). i've been planning my outfit furiously, as they have a strict dress code, and the more goth & glam, the better. i already have a black dress that's pretty fancy, but i hardly ever get to wear it - it's quite clingy & alas, i'm - shall we say - not as slim as i used to be. enter the great invention of the half-corset:

you can find just about anything on ebay, can't you?
with my clothing sorted, i've been searching for some fantastic shoes to go with the outfit. the caveats are a) they must be cheap (i'm very short of cash!); b) they have to be relatively goth/glam, and go with an outfit that features skulls; and c) i have to be able to dance all night in them. due to a serious lack of girly abilities (i can't, for the life of me, walk in heels) the perfect shoes were proving hard to find. then today, i was strolling down the "main street" of my town (i put this in quotation marks because the town has a population of about 10,000 people, so the main street consists of about ten shops). as i was passing one of the charity shops, i suddenly thought "hm... i should look in there, they might have shoes for me". keeping in mind that the average age of the town residents is about 65, and the shoes one most often finds in charity shops here are either pastel-coloured or orthopaedic, i was extremely surprised to find these, for the bargain price of £6...

aaaah... feel the biker love. get me a pair of fishnets, and i'm ready to go....

... lucky me.

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Anonymous said...

This might be a double post - having problems with Beta - hope you have a good night out. Don't have TOO much fun....