Wednesday, October 18, 2006

and the bad...

the first thing i saw when i opened my mail yesterday?

oh, darn.
the rumours of my death, alas, are not exaggerated. i'm out of sock wars, thanks to laurie from oregon. funnily enough, the socks of doom arrived by courier delivery about an hour after i got the unfinished socks from my target - i managed to knit a grand total of two rows on my next target's socks before getting killed! it wasn't a bad way to die though - not only did she make me a beautifully squishy pair of socks of doom (interlacements toasty toes yarn, which is every bit as gorgeous as i'd heard) she also included a felted sock bag of doom, and some eerily delicious creepy hallowe'en candy (which i opened before i even took the picture - to console myself, of course!).

i'm off to eat chocolate & mope...

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